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CEREC® One-Day Crowns

Get a CEREC® Crown in One Visit!

If you’re looking for a dental crown in one appointment, we may recommend a CEREC® crown as part of your treatment plan. Using CEREC in-office milling technology, Dr. Lanik and our team are able to build a dental crown without taking an impression and in just one appointment.

At Peak Dental Arts, we’re able to restore a tooth with CEREC one-day crown, as well as use these crowns to build a dental bridge.

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Our CEREC One-Day Crown Process

Utilizing the CEREC technology, Dr. Lanik can design a custom restoration that is durable, lasting and natural-looking.

3D Impression

Dr. Lanik will first take an accurate 3D digital impression of your tooth using CAD-CAM technology


Once the image is created, he will use the CEREC to “mill” or build your crown, using the 3D image as the guide. The crown or restoration will be built from high-density porcelain blocks. This part of the process may take a little longer as the crown is actually milling inside the CEREC.


Then, Dr. Lanik will secure the crown to your teeth and polish it for a natural look and feel. 

Frequently Asked Questions About CEREC Crowns

You might be wondering what CEREC stands for. It’s an acronym: 

  • Chairside: The CEREC technology is used right next to your dental chair in the treatment room. 
  • Economical: It is an affordable alternative to other dental procedures.
  • Restorations: Once the CEREC is placed on your tooth, it looks and functions like your natural teeth.
  • Esthetic: Because this type of crown is tooth-colored, it helps restore your beautiful smile.
  • Ceramic: The ceramic material is similar in composition to your natural tooth structure and strength.

Getting a crown in a single appointment is the most significant benefit of a CEREC one-day crown. You don’t have to get temporary crowns or return to the office for more than one appointment.

While both accomplish the same goal, CEREC crowns are faster and less messy. Traditional crowns require a dental impression and multiple appointments. Dr. Lanik will discuss the differences with you and determine which option is best for your dental health goals.

Because of how they are made, CEREC crowns can last for many years. . However, the longevity of your one-day crowns depends on regular dental exams and cleanings, as well as daily brushing and flossing.

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