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Dental Sealants in Uniontown, OH

Protect your teeth with dental sealants.

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No matter how hard you try or what type of toothpaste you use, you can’t always prevent cavity formation. Over time, plaque and tartar can build up in the deep grooves on the surface of your teeth causing cavities.

At Peak Dental Arts, we recommend dental sealants for children and adults, especially if you are more prone to developing cavities, have deeper grooves in your teeth or simply don’t brush and floss regularly.

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Dental Sealants at Peak Dental Arts

At Peak Dental Arts, we provide dental sealants to kids and adults when necessary. This appointment is very straightforward and comfortable throughout. You don’t need to worry about any pain during the procedure.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are thin acrylic coatings that our dental hygiene team applies to your teeth’s chewing surfaces.

Benefits of Sealants

The primary benefit of dental sealants is preventing food particles or plaque from getting into the grooves and nooks of teeth, especially the back molars. Even the best toothbrushes can’t always reach plaque in these areas. Sealants prevent those areas from being contaminated in the first place and lower the likelihood of cavity formation or other dental problems developing over time.

The Dental Sealants Process

  • Sealants are applied by “painting” liquid sealant material. The liquid, in this early stage, can penetrate the different grooves of your teeth so it fills in all the gaps and prevents bacteria from reaching the teeth.
  • Next, our team will cure or harden the sealant using a very bright white light. By the end of the procedure, you’ll have a new, hardened chewing surface over your teeth. The sealant acts like a special shield to protect your teeth’s enamel and prevent plaque or bacteria from touching them at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sealants are usually best for children and teenagers. Kids and teenagers are more likely to develop tooth decay or cavities in the depressions or grooves of their molars and premolars. However, adults who don’t have decay or fillings in their molars may also benefit from sealants to prevent future issues from cropping up.

When you visit us for an appointment, Dr. Lanik may recommend that your kids get sealants on their premolars and permanent molars as soon as they come in. The earlier sealants are applied, the faster those teeth will be protected.

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When properly applied and maintained, tooth sealants should last for up to 10 years. However, sealants should be checked at every regular dental cleaning checkup. Your dentist or hygienist will check your sealants for signs of wearing or chipping. If needed, sealants can be replaced with a follow-up appointment.

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